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Church Services


This Week’s Schedule of Services:

SUNDAY, September 15th, 2019 – Sunday After Holy Cross




SUNDAY, September 15th, 2019 –Sunday After Holy Cross

·         9:00 am -Matins/Orthros

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10:00 am - Divine Liturgy.

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o    All kids 6 to 18 yrs. of age are invited to attend Sunday School right after the Holy Communion. The location is at the back of the property in the last modular buildings.

o    A 40th-Day Memorial Service will be offered for the soul of the departed   Servant of God, Paraskevi Tsilimigra, mother of Mr. and Mrs. George Kantzavelos.  Eternal be her memory.  Coffee & refreshment will be offered by Mr. and Mrs. George Kantzavelos.

·         12:30 pm Paraklesis to Saint Nectarios


WEDNESDAY, September 18th, 2019 

·         7:00 pm -Paraklesis Service to Saint Nectarios.

FRIDAY, September 20th, 2019

·         5:30 PM—Greek School Elementary

·         6:30 PM—Greek School Intermediate

·         7:30 PM—Greek Dance







The offspring of Silyvria* and the guardian of Aegina* the true friend of virtue who appeared in the last years. O Nectarios* we faithful honor you* as a godly servant of Christ, * for you pour forth healing* of every kind for those who piously cry out. * Glory to Christ who has glorified you; * Glory to Him who has shown wonders in you; * Glory to Him who works healing through you for all.



Σηλυβρίας τὸν γόνον καὶ Αἰγίνης τὸν ἔφορον, τὸν ἐσχάτοις χρόνοις φανέντα ἀρετῆς φίλον γνήσιον, Νεκτάριον τιμήσωμεν πιστοί, ὡς ἔνθεον θεράποντα Χριστοῦ. Ἀναβλύζει γὰρ ἰάσεις παντοδαπὰς τοῖς εὐλαβῶς κραυγάζουσι : Δόξα τῷ σὲ δοξάσαντι Χριστῷ, δόξα τῷ σὲ θαυμαστώσαντι, δόξα τῷ ἐνεργούντι διὰ σοῦ πᾶσιν ἰάματα.



Below are the winning ticket number from
the Raffle Ticket drawn on August 25, 2019.
Winning prize will be sent through the mail.

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The whole body of the Parish Council would like to thank all volunteers who worked hard on food preparation, cooking, extending help in festival booth, distributing flyers, soliciting advertisers, selling raffle tickets, and helping festival setup.


We would like to thank, also, all donors who generously donated items, sponsors of Festival Booth, vendors who rented booth to sell their goods during festivals.


We can’t mention all the many names but rather issued a blanketed expression of our appreciation and heartfelt gratitude to all volunteers and donors.


To everybody that made our festival successful, thank you and may the Almighty God Bless you and be with you always and through the Wonderful Intercession of Our Patron Saint Nectarios be with you all.



Parish Priest


Reverend Konstantinos Douvikas



Yaffa Mary Iacobsohn

Vice President


Christos Theoharatos



Christiann Siatras



Rebecca Lawdis

Asst. Treasurer


Panayiotis Klentos



Eleni Kalivas



Anastasios Pallas



Penny Kloutsiniotis



Jesus Eugenio


Euphemia the Great Martyr


Saint Euphemia lived in the 3rd century AD. She was the daughter of pious parents. Her father was a senator named Philophronos and her mother was Theodosia. She was born in Chalcedon, located across the Bosporus from the city of Byzantium (modern-day Istanbul). From her youth she dedicated her life to Christ and practiced the virtues of prayer, fasting and chastity.

The governor of Chalcedon, Priscus, had made a decree that all of the inhabitants of the city take part in sacrifices to the pagan god Ares. Euphemia was discovered with other Christians who were hiding in a house and worshiping the Christian God, in defiance of the governor's orders. Because of their refusal to sacrifice, they were tortured for a number of days, and then handed over to the Emperor for further torture. Euphemia, the youngest among them, was separated from her companions in the hope that she betrays Christ if she was on her own. She was promised worldy riches but refused to deny Christ. She was subjected to particularly harsh torments, including the wheel, in hopes of breaking her spirit but the wheel miraculously stopped and an Angel of the Lord ministered to her wounds.

The governor then ordered that the saint be cast into a fiery furnace. Two soldiers, Victor and Sosthenes, led her to the furnace, but seeing to fearsome angels in the flames, refused to carry out the order of the governor and became believers in the God Whom Euphemia worshipped. Boldly confessing that they too were Christians, Victor and Sosthenes bravely went to suffering. They were cast into the arena to be eaten by wild beasts. During their martyrdom, they cried out for mercy to God, asking Him to receive them into the Heavenly Kingdom. A heavenly Voice answered their cries, and they entered into eternal life. The beasts, however, did not even touch their bodies.

Saint Euphemia, cast into the fire by other soldiers, remained unharmed. Ascribing this to sorcery, the   governor gave orders to dig out a new pit, and filling it with knives, he had it covered over with earth and grass, so that the martyr would not notice the preparation for her execution but here too she remained unhurt.

Finally, they sentenced her to be devoured by wild beasts at the circus. Before her martyrdom, Saint Euphemia implored God to deem her worthy to suffer terribly for His Name but when she was cast into the arena, none of the wild beasts attacked her. Finally, one of the she-bears gave her a small wound on the leg, from which flowed the pure blood of the martyr, and immediately the holy Great Martyr Euphemia gave her spirit to the Lord. During this time there was an earthquake, and both the guards and the spectators ran in terror, so that the parents of the saint were able to take up her body and reverently bury it not far from Chalcedon.

A majestic church was afterwards built over the grave of the Great Martyr Euphemia.


Miracle During the Council of Chalcedon

The Fourth Ecumenical Council convened in the city of Chalcedon in the year 451. The 630 delegates gathered in the church of Saint Euphemia where her holy relics were housed. The council repudiated the Eutychian doctrine of monophysitism, and set forth the Chalcedonian Creed, which describes the "full humanity and full divinity" of Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

Both the Monophysite and Orthodox parties were well-represented at the council, so the meetings were quite contentious, and no decisive consensus could be reached. The holy Patriarch Anatolius of Constantinople proposed that the Council submit the decision of the Church dispute to the Holy Spirit, through His undoubted bearer St. Euphemia the All-Praised. The Orthodox hierarchs and their opponents wrote down their confessions of faith on separate scrolls and sealed them with their seals. They opened the tomb of the saint and placed both scrolls upon her bosom. Then, in the presence of the emperor Marcian (450-457), the participants of the Council sealed the tomb, putting on it the imperial seal and setting a guard to watch over it for three days. During these days both sides imposed upon themselves strict fasting and prayer. After three days the patriarch and the emperor, in the presence of the Council, opened the tomb and found the scroll with the Orthodox confession was held by St Euphemia in her right hand, while the scroll of the heretics lay at her feet. St. Euphemia, as though alive, raised her hand and gave the scroll to the patriarch. As a result of this miracle, many of the heretics accepted the Orthodox confession, while those remaining obstinant in their heresy were consigned to the Council's condemnation and excommunication.

This miracle is attested by a letter sent by the council to Pope Leo I:

"For it was God who worked, and the triumphant Euphemia who crowned the meeting as for a bridal, and who, taking our definition of the Faith as her own confession, presented it to her Bridegroom by our most religious Emperor and Christ-loving Empress, appeasing all the tumult of opponents and establishing our confession of the Truth as acceptable to Him, and with hand and tongue setting her seal to the votes of us all in proclamation thereof."

The feast day of Saint Euphemia is September 16 in commemoration of her martyrdom. Her miracle at the Council of Chalcedon is commemorated on July 11.

 Apolytikion of Great Martyr Euphemia

Third Tone

O Euphemia, Christ's comely virgin, thou didst fill the Orthodox with gladness and didst cover with shame all the heretics; for at the holy Fourth Council in Chalcedon, thou didst confirm what the Fathers decreed aright. O all-glorious Great Martyr, do thou entreat Christ God that His great mercy may be granted unto us.

Kontakion of Great Martyr Euphemia

Fourth Tone

Thou strovest valiantly in thy sacred contest; and even after death, thou makest us holy with streams of healings, O all-famed Euphemia. For this reason, we venerate thy most holy dormition and with faith we stand before thine all-ven'rable relics, that we be freed from illness of the soul and also draw forth the grace of thy miracles.

Special Announcement:

·        We are having Open Registration for Sunday Religious School and Greek School. Classes start on September, 2019 until May 2020. Please contact: Mrs. Rebecca Lawdis at 909-367– 6651. The location is at the back of the property in the last modular buildings.

·        We need volunteer teachers for our Sunday School Program for September, 2019 up to May, 2020. If interested please contact Peter Klentos at 714-466-0356 or send him email at

·        If someone wants to sponsor the coffee hour, there is a sign-up sheet in the Hall. Please write legibly your name next to the date you want to sponsor

·        We need oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) for the Church, please donate.

·        Please notify us if someone in the member of the family or yourself is sick, so that we may offer healing prayer.

·        We would like to remind all members of the Saint Nectarios Philoptochos Society that there will be no meeting for the rest of Summer (from June, July, and August, 2019). As usual, we go dark this summer.







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